In this page, you will find a demonstration of a simple thesaurus tool that I developed in Java.

This tool uses Jena API for import/export issues. In order to  handle SKOS specificities, an extra layer/API is implemented based on Jena API.

Currently, only a subset of skos elements are implemented in this version, for simplifying the use of this tool.

For adding “mapping” relations (using SKOS “Match” elements) between local concepts and external concepts, the tool calls web services (wsdl/restful) proposed by some external ontologies (Agrovoc, Plant Ontology, CROP ontology). Suitable candidate concepts  will be returned.

The user can then first visualize the returned concept definition (in RDF/RDFS or json format), and then decide to add or not a link between a local concept and a candidate concept.

Please feel free to contact me for more information.